Piyo workout

piyo workout

PiYo® Base Kit Then you'll love PiYo, created by Super Trainer Chalene Johnson. PiYo has been the catalyst I needed to elevate my fitness!". Jan 1, PiYo workouts mix Pilates and Yoga for max results. The low-impact workout burns calories and improves strength and flexibility. Try it for free. Why jump and pump through boot camp for a fierce physique when going low- impact in your living room will get you there? This workout, inspired by Pilates and.

Piyo workout -

On the other hand, I work every second day for 13 hrs, plus commuting, piyo workout, so finding time and strength to exercise is impossible after such a day. It really does work, and you will not be disappointed. Will Piyo be a good substitute for the gym and would you recommend taking the online version versus the DVDs as overtime they may no longer work due to wear and tear.