Body weight workout programs

body weight workout programs

Feb 22, The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout Routine. Day 1. Upper Body & Abs. 2 x (sets of) Pushup (or regression to build up to the standard pushup) 2 x Pike Pushup > Dive Bomber Pushup > Handstand Pushup. Day 2. Lower Body & Cardio. 2 x Bodyweight Squat. Day 3. Upper Body & Abs. (Same as day 1) Day 4. Lower Body. (Same as day 2). Not only does this bodyweight routine enable you to gain muscle and lose fat, but also helps strengthen your core, improve your range of motion, and make your  Single Leg Calf Raise - Bodyweight Lunge - Close Grip Push Up. How to Scale Your Routine. 10 Body Weight Squats. 10 Walking Lunges. 15 Jump Ups. 3 Pull Ups (or 6 inverted body weight rows – overhand grip on table) 8 dips (or 10 decline push ups if these are too tough) 3 Chin ups (or 6 inverted body weight rows – underhand grip on table) 10 push ups. 30 second plank.

Body weight workout programs -

However, I would recommend that you test out the first two weeks of the program before doing. These exercises can be done everywhere, and they can be progressed and regressed to fit . HOME "300" WORKOUT (Bodyweight Only!!)