Ab blaster workout

ab blaster workout

Try this fast and effective abs workout to melt fat, improve core strength, and reveal your defined midsection. Minute Belly-Blasting Workout. You already . You made it through Week 1 of our day ab challenge! Celebrate with this week's 3-minute core-crushing lower-ab blast. (Yep, there's more and we're going to. Burn fat and sculpt abs with this workout! Blast belly fat with a 4-Minute Fat Blaster that continues to burn fat up to 24 hours! Next, sculpt the belly with.

Ab blaster workout -

Get Newsletter Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week. Keep leg straight and upper body completely still, ab blaster workout. Crunch up, extending your arms to touch your toes and contracting your abs. It also slims the waist, creating an hourglass gpp workout. Contact Info Class Schedule. Seems like everyone is short on time almost ALL the time these days, but there are always ways to fit in a little muscle work. ab blaster workout FLAT BELLY TRAINING - 20min Abs Blaster At-Home Workout